Madeline's Story

Completed program February 2016



When I first heard about the program I had just transitioned into new job - my last job was extremely stressful and I had put on a lot of weight. I was at a point where my kids were pretty self-sufficient and I was mentally ready to commit myself to making a change in my own life.   

I had tried a number of programs before so I was naturally skeptical about this one.  Soon I realized that these other programs just focused on food without thinking about the combination of exercise, diet, and mindset worked together.

Week by week, the weight fell off - until I reached the pre-baby weight I hadn’t seen in decades. So far I’ve lost 30 pounds in 16 weeks by just sticking to the plan. As I continued to see consistent results and rising energy levels, it kept me focused. The whole process came together in this amazing way, and it kept me wanting to go forward.

Mind and Body Working Together

The biggest differences I saw with PowerUP were the nutrition plan and the focus on mindset.  

Keeping your blood sugar even by eating whole foods and integrating a protein with every meal helped ensure I never felt hungry. I even stopped having the ravenous cravings, like when I was on Weight Watchers.

Honestly, the mindset element is something I never expected to buy into - it seemed a little far-fetched to me. I wasn’t won over until I was faced with my first challenging social situation, and it was clear that there was something to it. Seven weeks into the program, I attended a wedding. People kept complimenting me on how amazing I looked, and despite the glut of food and alcohol at every event, it was really hard to look at and consume food the same way I had been before - in fact I practically wound up re-teaching the lessons I had learned through PowerUP to everyone who asked!

My eating habits have really changed - it used to be so easy to justify pre-dinner and post-dinner snacks. I’d snack on cereal or another ‘semi-healthy’ snack before or after dinner. It used to be easy to justify that chocolate-covered raisins

My eating habits have really changed - it used to be so easy to justify pre-dinner and post-dinner snacks.  I’d snack on cereal or another ‘semi-healthy’ snack before or after dinner.  It used to be easy to justify that chocolate-covered raisins were still raisins, after all. Now I don’t have those cravings. And the whole family eats better, too. Being the one who does the grocery shopping has its benefits, and they eat what I cook.

Ultimately, I was wholly committed to this because I felt like making this change at this point in my life is going to pay off most. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies, so I’m at risk for developing diabetes down the road, and being proactive about it is a better course of action.

Making Healthy Living Second Nature

My taste for old indulgences has kind of gone away. The program has almost retrained my taste buds. I just made a pasta dish I used to make all of the time, but I couldn’t even eat that much - it had become far too rich for my palette. This is now a lifestyle for me - it’s second nature.

This is not a lifestyle for me - it’s second nature.

I never deprived myself of the occasional glass of wine and still saw positive results. I’m now officially done the sixteen week part of the program, but on a maintenance plan to make sure that these changes stick. 

Now back to pre-pregnancy weight - that’s life-changing. I can even swap clothes with my daughters! I physically feel very strong, I’m sleeping better, and I just have more energy overall.You just have to be in the right frame of mind to start something new - I was, and that’s why it worked for me.


A New Outlook

In addition to seeing success with the program, I also just successfully bought and flipped a house. I now get up at 4 so I can work out 5x a week from 6-7:30 before heading to work. While I had always enjoyed exercise, it’s different now - I used to be in the back of my Bootcamp class - now I’m in the front. I’m even considering becoming a certified SPIN instructor with my daughter!

Madeline & her cheering section! 

Madeline & her cheering section!